Many of you must have been scrapbooking for years, but are new to the concept of smash book. The younger generation has taken to smash booking which is not surprising and is increasingly using it as a substitute for scrapbooks.

But what is a Smash book? An unplanned and on-the-move scrapbook is the easiest way to describe it. The principal behind it and the basic elements are quite the same, except for preparation and presentation.

1. No planning is required for making a smash book. If there is a holiday journey you want to record in a smash book, you simply start pasting pictures and other items on each page each day. In a scrapbook, however, one usually start making it AFTER the holiday is over.

2. A smash book is a journal in which one pastes pictures, embellishments, memorabilia et al on the go. In a scrapbook, planning is essential.

3. Smash books do not follow a certain pattern throughout the book. Each page is like a new theme and design. It celebrates “messy”. It is a great activity for those who are not good with arts and crafts. But in a scrapbook, the theme is usually uniform. It also lays great emphasis on creativity and craftsmanship.

4. Smash book is generally a notebook on which you scribble and paste. It comes with a half-pen-half glue stick instrument which is very handy if you want to instantly write or stick something. Scrapbooks, however, have pages and layouts pre-planned. There is a specific slot for a picture and a fixed spot where you can write.

5. Smash books undoubtedly save time and money. You save time planning the layout, picking out decorative items, arranging memorabilia and then buying all the supplies… all of which a scrapbook requires

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